Whether you have a large café, small kiosk, a vending machine or a simple barbeque, we have resources to support your community venue to offer healthier food and drink choices.

Better BBQs

A good old barbeque is an essential part of the Aussie lifestyle and is readily used in both the home and at community venues. Make your next sizzle a healthy one!

Better BBQs (2mb)

Celebrate the wins

Without even realising it, your community venue may already be kicking goals when it comes to creating a healthier food service!

Celebrate the wins (471kb)

Dietary requirements

Dietary requirements are common for a range of reasons and catering for these requirements in community venues is important.

Dietary requirements (3mb)

Food service FAQs

When you make changes to your menu, customers (especially regulars) may have some questions. Help your staff feel confident in answering questions with this FAQs fact sheet.

Food service FAQs (5mb)

Fridge layout

The way drinks are displayed can have a big impact. Steer customers towards water by placing it at eye level.

Fridge layout (453kb)

Fuel up the menu

Give your venue the winning edge, by promoting meal deals that fuel your customers – before, during and after exercise.

Fuel up the menu (1mb)

Green up the menu

You can ‘green up the menu’ by using a variety of ingredients from the five food groups!

Green up the menu (4mb)

Healthier cooking methods

The way a food or drink is prepared can have a big impact on its nutritional value. From baking, grilling, poaching and steaming, this fact sheet provides all the tips and tricks.

Healthier cooking methods (728kb)

Healthier ingredients

Creating a healthier menu doesn’t have to be hard work. Sometimes small changes can make a big difference!

Healthier ingredients (1mb)

Healthy canteen layout

Attract customers to your healthier options by placing them in a prominent position. This resource has a range of tips to achieve a healthy canteen layout.

Healthy canteen layout (1mb)

Know your food service

There are a range of factors that can influence your food service. Understanding these factors and how your food service operates can help you take action if changes occur!

Know your food service (2mb)

Make money not waste

Be friends with your freezer, buy in season and make fruit and veg the hero – just some of our top tips to generate money, not waste.

Make money not waste (2mb)

Policy template

It is important to demonstrate your commitment to providing a healthier community venue through a policy. Our editable Healthy community venue policy template can be customised to suit the needs of your venue.

Policy template (411KB)

Tap into water

Selling water in your community venue makes sense.There is a greater profit margin on bottled water than many other drinks. It’s a win win for health and profits!

Tap into water (1mb)

Tips for coaches and managers

It’s important that key players are on the same team when it comes to health. This fact sheet provides a range of tips to consider during training, on game days, and special events such as carnivals, road trips and camps.

Tips for coaches and team managers (5mb)

Traffic lights on the menu

Fuel to Go & Play uses a traffic light system to rate food and drinks as green, amber or red, based on their nutritional value. In community venues, the traffic light system will help you to plan a healthy food service.

Traffic lights on the menu (4mb)

Valuing volunteers

Volunteers are your community venue’s most precious resource and can help you run a successful food service.

Valuing Volunteers (1mb)