Community events can provide an opportunity for families and communities to get together for entertainment, increase skills, keep active and network with other people in their area. As a food vendor or caterer, you can make a difference to the health and wellbeing of communities by ensuring your business provides healthier food and drink options.

If you want to join the Healthier Vendor Guide, increase the number of healthy ‘green’ options on your menu or need some inspiration, check out our resources.

If you are an event organiser seeking healthier food vendors to attend your event, a list of healthier vendors can be found in the Healthier Vendor Guide

Healthy options fact sheet

As part of Healthway sponsorship funding, it is a requirement that vendors at Healthway sponsored events offer at least one healthy ‘green’ food option. This fact sheet lists ideas for food vendors and explains how WASCA can support you to offer healthy food options.

Healthy Vendor Guide

The Healthier Vendor Guide is a go-to-guide for groups, organisations and event planners that are responsible for coordinating the food and drinks offered at an event. It is updated quarterly for summer, autumn, winter and spring.

Healthy Vendor Guide application form

If you are interested in joining the Healthier Vendor Guide, download this application form which includes terms of use. Don’t forget to check out the Healthier Vendor Guide applicant handbook below for more information including the benefits of being a certified Healthier Vendors.

Healthy Vendor Guide applicant handbook

Download our applicant handbook for more information about the Healthier Vendor Guide.

Sugary drinks fact sheet

As part of our Healthway sponsorship funding, it is a requirement that vendors at Healthway sponsored events remove sugary drinks from display. This fact sheet shows examples of drinks suitable to display; drinks that must be removed from display; and simple strategies for vendors to achieve compliance.

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