The Healthy Sports Program is an initiative of Healthway, delivered by Fuel to Go & Play®. The Healthy Sports Program provides funding of up to $4,000 for sporting clubs to undertake simple healthy eating actions.

The Healthy Sports Program strives to create environments that support players to Grab the Good and fuel up with healthy food and drinks. Your Fuel to Go & Play® coach will provide support with:

  • Practical strategies to improve canteen/kiosk menus and the promotion of healthy food and drink options
  • Face to face information sessions for clubs
  • Online training including the Fuel to Go & Play® Canteen and food service staff training and Club official and stakeholder training.

There are two funding options that suit every type of club

  • Funding option 1: for those clubs without a food service up to $2,000 is available. Healthway understands that not every club has a ‘home ground’ but instead uses other facilities to train and for game day. Even if you don’t have a food service or canteen facility there are lots of ways you can use the funds to promote
    the importance of healthy eating during sport. See the Sample budget for Healthy Sports – funding option 1 for some ideas.
  • Funding option 2: for clubs with a canteen/kiosk up to $4,000 is available to carry out health initiatives and/or activations; and purchase equipment for a Green Canteen that will assist in increasing the availability of healthy food and drink options provided through the club canteen/kiosk. See the Sample budget for Healthy Sports funding option 2 for some ideas.

More information about the Healthy Sports Program. You can find out more about eligibility and program details in the Healthy Sports Program Guidelines.

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