Healthway’s Healthy Sporting Club ProgramĀ 

Healthway is offering up to $4,000 in funding to Western Australian community sporting clubs competing in recognised sporting competitions.

Healthway has engaged the services of the WA School Canteen Association to achieve the following objectives:

  • Increase healthy food options at club run canteens or kiosks
  • Reduce sugary drinks sold within club run canteens or kiosks
  • Reduce, wherever possible, the promotion of unhealthy messages or brands
  • Improve club member awareness of healthy eating choices
  • Educate and up-skill canteen managers and/or staff in offering healthy food and drinks in community sporting venues.

Through the program the WA School Canteen Association will provide free training and work with clubs across the season to prepare healthier menus.

Ocean Ridge Junior Football Club

Watch the below video featuring Ocean Ridge Junior Football Club to see how easy it is to apply for a Healthway Healthy Sporting Club grant and create a healthy canteen for your players, spectators and the wider community.

Traffic lights on the menu

Fuel to Go & Play uses a traffic light system to rate food and drinks as green, amber or red, based on their nutritional value. This makes it easier for clubs to offer healthier choices.

Healthy Sporting Clubs are encouraged to increase the availability and promotion of healthier choices using the traffic light system.

Download the Fuel to Go & Play ‘Traffic lights on the menu‘ fact sheet for more information.

More information

Contact Grace Stanton at Healthway for for support and advice on how to apply.

Telephone: 133 777