Physical activity and healthy eating go hand-in-hand. Use our tools and resources to promote a healthier food environment at your association as well as share nutrition information with members.

Hosting a Carnival or Final Series?

NRL WA in partnership with Healthway promotes the Fuel to Go & Play message! The Joondalup & Districts Rugby League Club have the Fuel to Go & Play® at the NRL WA Junior Semi-finals. Teresa (Club coordinator) & Davina (Canteen Manager) had the fridge stocked with loads of healthy options for members to fuel up on!  Check out the video to see how your club can have the Fuel to Go & Play® this finals series.

Download the carnivals and final series PDF

Portion Control

Portion control is an important strategy to implement to help run a profitable and viable canteen. Check out the vide below to find out more about the importance of portion control.

Better BBQs

A good old barbeque is an essential part of the Aussie lifestyle and is readily used in both the home and at community venues. Make your next sizzle a healthy one!

Download the better bbqs PDF

Catering for vegetarians

Vegetarian diets are common and increasing. Use this fact sheet to inspire great menu items for your vegetarian and vegan customers!

Download the catering for vegetarians PDF

Creating a sustainable food service

Being a sustainable food service is about more than just sustainable packaging, it also includes offering a menu that supports your customers to consume a healthy and sustainable diet.

Download the creating a sustainable food service PDF

Dietary requirements

Dietary requirements are common for a range of reasons and catering for these requirements in community venues is important.

Download the dietary requirements PDF

End of season wind-up

At the end of the season, it is important to celebrate all the achievements both on and off the field. Keep the healthy eating momentum going with healthy options at your end of season wind up.

Download the end of season wind-up PDF

Food service FAQs

When you make changes to your menu, customers (especially regulars) may have some questions. Help your staff feel confident in answering questions with this FAQs fact sheet.

Download the food service FAQs PDF

Fridge layout

The way drinks are displayed can have a big impact. Steer customers towards water by placing it at eye level.

Download the fridge layout PDF

Fuel up the menu

Give your venue the winning edge, by promoting meal deals that fuel your customers – before, during and after exercise.

Download the fuel up the menu PDF

Green ideas for your menu

Are you confused about what food and drinks are considered healthy ‘green’ options? Download our factsheet for a list of popular green items you can include on your menu.

Download the green ideas for your menu PDF

Green up the menu

You can ‘green up the menu’ by using a variety of ingredients from the five food groups!

Download the Green up the menu PDF

Healthy canteen layout

Attract customers to your healthier options by placing them in a prominent position. This resource has a range of tips to achieve a healthy canteen layout.

Download the healthy canteen layout PDF

Healthy Food and Drink Retail Toolkit

Marketing your canteens healthy options ensures your customers have the Fuel to Go & Play and your food service is a success.

Download the healthy food and drink retail toolkit PDF

Know what your customers want

Knowing what your customers want is essential for designing a successful menu. Our fact sheet has tips for surveying customers as well as some sample questions to help you get started!

Download the know what your customers want PDF

Know what your customers want – example survey

Click here to download example survey template

Click here to download example survey template

Make money not waste

Be friends with your freezer, buy in season and make fruit and veg the hero – just some of our top tips to generate money, not waste.

Download the make money not waste PDF

Managing alcohol in your club

Learn more about alcohol and your club through the Good Sports program, which provides support to clubs to help manage alcohol and make their clubs stronger, safer and more family-friendly places. Download the Managing alcohol in your club fact sheet for tips on how to manage alcohol at your venue, or visit the Good Sports website for more information.

Morning tea

Clubs often coordinate a morning tea roster between parents and volunteers to supply food for sporting events. It is the perfect opportunity to promote and support healthy eating for community members. Download this fact sheet for tips and ideas.

Download the morning tea PDF

Rewards in sport

Whether it’s on field success, or just to say thanks to your volunteers, it is important to celebrate the achievements at your club. Celebrate the good stuff with these great rewards!

Download the rewards in sports PDF

Tap into water

Selling water in your community venue makes sense. There is a greater profit margin on bottled water than many other drinks. It’s a win win for health and profits!

Download the tap into water PDF

Traffic lights on the menu

Fuel to Go & Play® uses a traffic light system to rate food and drinks as green, amber or red, based on their nutritional value. In community venues, the traffic light system will help you to plan a healthy food service.

Download the traffic Lights on the menu PDF

Valuing volunteers

Volunteers are your community venue’s most precious resource and can help you run a successful food service.

Download the valuing volunteers PDF

What’s on a food label

Do you find reading food labels confusing? See our new ‘What’s on a label’ resource for tips to help you read food labels.

Download the what’s on a food label PDF

Kardy Kats kicking junk food off the menu

Read more about the Kardy Kats here

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