Community events can provide an opportunity for families and communities to get together for entertainment, increase skills, keep active and network with other people in their area. As a food vendor or caterer, you can make a difference to the health and wellbeing of communities by ensuring your business provides healthier food and drink options.

Catering for vegetarians

Vegetarian diets are common and increasing. Use this fact sheet to inspire great menu items for your vegetarian and vegan customers!

Download the catering vegetarians PDF

Creating a sustainable food service

Being a sustainable food service is about more than just sustainable packaging, it also includes offering a menu that supports your customers to consume a healthy and sustainable diet.

Download the catering a sustainable food service PDF

Dietary requirements

Dietary requirements are common for a range of reasons and catering for these requirements in community venues is important.

Download the dietary requirements PDF

Green ideas for your menu

Are you confused about what food and drinks are considered healthy ‘green’ options? Download our factsheet for a list of popular green items you can include on your menu.

Download the green ideas for your menu PDF

Green up the menu

You can ‘green up the menu’ by using a variety of ingredients from the five food groups!

Download the green up the menu PDF

Healthier cooking methods

The way a food or drink is prepared can have a big impact on its nutritional value. From baking, grilling, poaching and steaming, this fact sheet provides all the tips and tricks.

Download the healthier cooking methods PDF

Healthier ingredients

Creating a healthier menu doesn’t have to be hard work. Sometimes small changes can make a big difference!

Download the healthier ingredients PDF

Know what your customers want

Knowing what your customers want is essential for designing a successful menu. Our fact sheet has tips for surveying customers as well as some sample questions to help you get started!

Download the know what your customers want PDF

Know what your customers want – example survey

Click here to download example survey template

Download the example survey 

Make money not waste

Be friends with your freezer, buy in season and make fruit and veg the hero – just some of our top tips to generate money, not waste.

Download the make money not waste PDF

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