Sporting clubs are an integral part of the WA community and are in an ideal position to offer healthier food and drink options for players, coaches and spectators.

Active Juniors – Fuelling & Recovery Booklet

To perform at your best on game day you need to fuel your body with healthy food and drinks. This is important every day and on game day! Use this resource to help build  game day eating plan.

Download the Active Juniors Booklet 

Tips for coaches and managers

It’s important that key players are on the same team when it comes to health. This fact sheet provides a range of tips to consider during training, on game days, and special events such as carnivals, road trips and camps.

Download the tips for coaches managers PDF

Fundraising Toolkit

Raising funds for your sports club is important to help purchases much needed equipment and uniforms. Our Fuel to Go & Play® Fundraising Toolkit is filled with healthy and sustainable ideas to help you create a healthier fundraiser at your club.

Download the fundraising toolkit PDF

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