Sporting clubs are an integral part of the WA community and are in an ideal position to offer healthier food and drink options for players, coaches and spectators.

Choosing healthy food and drink helps us perform at our best. Check out Hockey WA stars Aleisha Power, Georgia Wilson and Tyler Lovell’s top Fuel to Go & Play® tips:

Choose water

It’s important to drink water before, during and after sport to stay hydrated.

Fuel for sport

During sport, a combination of carbohydrates, protein, healthy fats and fluid is needed to stay fuelled and hydrated. Check out our Fuel for sport fact sheet for more information.

Fuelling for best performance – active juniors

To perform at your best on game day, you need to fuel your body with healthy food and drinks. Download our factsheet for top tips and ideas.

Half-time snack hacks

If a half-time snack is necessary, fresh seasonal fruit is a winner. Check out our Half-time snack hacks fact sheet for more information.

Healthy Snacks

To perform at your best, you need to fuel your body with healthy food and drinks. Check out our Building Healthy Snack resource for some tasty snack ideas.

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